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    PowerSpout PHP

    The PowerSpout PHP (Pelton Hydraulic Pump) is a water powered water pump.  If you have a small falling stream and want to pump water to a higher tank (up to 656 feet) for domestic and stock water then this may be the perfect solution.

    A PHP pump has the following advantages over a traditional water ram pump:

    • Quiet operation
    • Low cost plastic penstock can be used which is also light and easy to work with
    • Pump different water to the driving source
    • Penstock can meander down the riverbank
    • No heavy concrete foundations
    • Can pump from a small stream with a heavy silt burden and suspended grit particles without the need for a settling tank
    • More than 1 PHP can be stacked on a common penstock, so only 1 size needs to be made resulting in a much better economy of scale and final retail price
    • The same PHP unit be used on a wide range of sites as the cam offset (stroke) is adjustable
    • Lightweight under 18kg
    • Runs without the need for a shock absorbing dampener
    • Vegetable oil lubricated for a long life
    • Typical efficiency much higher than a water ram (at high heads)
    • Flow is easily adjustable to meet specific needs
    • Maximum lift/fall ratio >70:1
    • Global freight cost included

    Each PHP pump comes with:

    • 2” BSP valves you need to connect to your supply pipe with the appropriate fittings
    • 1” (25mm) water inlet fitting and ¾” (20mm) fitting for the delivery pipe to your storage tank
    • 4 x Tek screw fixing kit
    • An mid-range oil filled pressure gauge for the penstock pressure
    • An unloading valve and pressure gauge for the tank delivery pipe

    PHP Options, refer to dropdown menu:

    • PHP Standard (1 Jet and Valve)
    • PHP Standard (2 Jets and Valves)
    • PHP 2 Jets + full spare parts kit

    The full spare part kit includes:

    • Complete spare pump and correct cam installed
    • Completer spare Pelton rotor

    The PHP & spares kit will ensure that whatever your problem you will be able to fix your PHP. Remove the piston/diaphragm pump and install the spare. Then have your old pump serviced so it is ready to swap at the next service interval.

    To always ensure free freight cart weight needs to be 27kg (59.5lbs) but less than 29kg (63.9lbs). 

    PHP Calculations

    Orders will be accepted only on advice of the saved calculation file number. This information you must enter in the comment box at checkout to avoid delays in processing your order.

    Use the tool here to do calculations for your site and select the correct cam stroke/offset.

    Refer to PowerSpout Document Index Links for a complete index of documents.