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    PowerSpout LH Pro

    The PowerSpout LH Pro is a highly efficient propeller turbine that features an automatic debris cleaning mechanism. On a suitable hydro site it can produce up to 1.6kW 24/7, 365 days a year. If a larger output is required you can stack units to generate over 16kW on the same penstock and power cable.  Put each turbine in a separate shopping basket/order to avoid a high shipping surcharge.  


    • Static head range: 1 to 5m (3 – 16 feet)
    • Maximum flow/turbine: 55 l/s (880 gpm)
    • Minimum flow/turbine: 25 l/s (400 gpm)
    • Dimensions: Diameter 300mm x length 1050mm (12 inches x 42 inches)
    • Maximum power: 1600W
    • Maximum current rating 32 amp


    Common version available are LH150/250/400 The number refers to the maximum runaway voltage, or Voc.  Best operating voltage, cable voltage or MPPV will be approximately 1/2 of this Voc.  So for example the LH400 works best at 200V and it should never exceed 400V.  Each turbine is custom built for your site and the voltage will depend on the site head.

    LH-Pro turbines come with:

    • Automatic outer leaf cleaner and propeller cutter bar
    • Manual grease fittings as standard
    • 2m of 4mm2 tinned PV wire for +/-/earth
    • 2 x MC4 cable connectors
    • 1 x PVC base fitting for a 200mm OD PVC draft tube (draft tube is not supplied)
    • 2 year warranty

    Upgrades you can select from the drop down list.  If you require any other LH-Pro parts to ship in the same carton with your turbine (maximum upper limit 63.9lbs) look here.  To always ensure free freight cart weight needs to be 59.5lbs but less than 63.9lbs. Click here for install pictures.

     On heads above 3.6m you must order a HP version and use a 250mm OD draft tube.

    The 250mm OD draft tube adaptor is too heavy to ship in the same carton as an LH-Pro, so if you need this item, place a 2nd order for it or you will be charged a high penalty freight fee. 

    LH-Pro Calculations

    Orders will be accepted only on advice of the saved calculation file number and the model of the MPPT regulator or grid-tied inverter you are connecting to. This information you must enter in the comment box at checkout to avoid delays in processing your order.

    Use the tool here to do calculations for your site and select the correct Smart Drive PMA.

    Refer to PowerSpout Document Index Links for a complete index of documents.