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  • PowerSpout LH-mini


    PowerSpout LH-mini

    The LH-mini is a new half size LH turbine.  Please note there is a 2-4 weeks lead time on this new product until PowerSpout gets faster/better at assembling them.

    Please note that the installation manual for the LH-mini is not yet complete, but that the installation process is very similar to our LH turbine. Please refer to the LH manual in our INDEX until the new LH-mini manual is complete.

    The PowerSpout LH-mini is a highly efficient propeller turbine. On a suitable hydro site it can produce up to 750W 24/7, 365 days a year. If a larger output is required you can purchase the larger LH turbine or stack LH-mini units as required on the same penstock and power cable.


    • Static head range: 1 to 5m (3 – 16 feet)
    • Maximum flow/turbine: 25 l/s (396 gpm)
    • Minimum flow/turbine: 10 l/s (159 gpm)
    • Dimensions: Diameter 300mm x length 800mm (11.8" x 31.5")
    • Maximum power: 750W
    • Common version available LH-mini 150/250/400
    • Maximum current rating 10 amp

    These turbines include the freight cost globally when purchased 2 at a time.

    To always ensure free freight cart weight needs to be 59.5lbs but less than 63.9lbs. 

    Orders will be accepted only on advice of the saved calculation file number and the model of the PWM or MPPT regulator or grid-tied inverter you are connecting to. This information you must enter in the comment box at checkout to avoid delays in processing your order.

    Refer to PowerSpout Document Index Links for a complete index of documents.