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  • Everest Solar MiniRail XPRess System


    Everest MiniRail XPRess System

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     The MiniRail XPRess mounting system for solar modules is designed specifically for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. Coming in small lengths of rail (17 inches) allow maximum flexibility and ease of installation. 

    • 17-inch sections of rail with EPDM backing to reduce the chance of water intrusion
    • Add Everest Self-tapping screws with an EPDM washer to reduce the chance of water intrusion
    • Can be used on metal sheet roofs as thin as 26 gauge, special order for 29 gauge
    • Add Pre-assembled Everest universal (30-50mm) mid and end clamps with integrated bonding 
    • Integrated bonding eliminates the need for bonding jumpers
    • UL 2703 Listed for bonding

    Technical Data

    How to Install: Place MiniRail XPRess Base on trapezoidal roof and screw into the peaks of the roof

      MiniRail XPRess Rail: Aluminium (EN AW-6063 T66; 0,64 kg/m), with EPDM

        MiniRail XPRess Base Dimensions: (WxH) 73mm x 44.18mm

          MiniRail XPRess Base Length: (L) 17in

          Dimensioning scheme MiniRail XPRess

          Data Sheets and Install Information: